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Procedure of Printing of Textbooks:

  Normally once in 5 years textbooks are revised. High level Committee is constituted by Government to finalises the syllabus. Various sub Committees are also constituted for drafting the syllabus for different standards.

      A panel of authors, Reviewers under the chairmanship of eminent professors from Universities and Colleges Subject experts and practicing teachers write the Textbooks for each subject separately. The textbooks are submitted to Textbook Corporation in the form of CDs and Laser print outs. The CDs are then scrutinized by the Textbook Corporation and print orders are issued.

      In order to reduce load of textbooks and to implement the system of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, the government introduced the Trimester Pattern of education from the academic year 2012-2013 for standards from 1 to 8. Under this system, the textbooks are divided into three for the 3 Terms.

      Now the trimester books for standards from 1 to 8 are being brought out in A4 size. For standard 9th and 10th the language books are being brought out in Journal size and other subject books are in A4 size. The books for 11th and 12th standards are being brought out in A4, A5 and C5 sizes. To ensure quality of books, books for the standards from 1 to 10 are being printed in 80 GSM HT Map Litho paper and in multi colours. 11th and 12th standard books are being printed in 60 GSM and 70 GSM papers in single and multi colours.

Tamilnadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation, E.V.K. Sampath Maaligai, D.P.I. Campus, No.68, College Road, Chennai - 600 006.